Our Firm

OVERWHELMED by a sea of financial information?
We'll help you through the information overload
  You are not alone if you find that nearly all of your time and energy is devoted to the pace, complexity, and sheer volume, of your daily business and personal needs. Investment research is a full-time job, and it`s what we do full-time. Starting with our first meeting, we will explain our basic financial and investment philosophy and answer any questions you may have. Spend an hour with us and we`ll be well on the road to building you a solid financial future.

Bridging Financial Vision and Reality
  Whatever your financial vision and goals may be-saving for a car, home, college tuition, or retirement-they are only first steps in reaching your financial objectives. Sound strategy is what bridges the gap between vision, goals, and achieved reality. Integral Financial Management can help you cross that gap with personal counseling and with sound financial strategies matched to your personal situation.

Five "Integral" Investment Principles
  1. Use asset modeling to build a portfolio of investments that are consistent with your financial goals and investment risk tolerance. Our initial approach emphasizes building for the longer-term with structured asset allocation rather than individual investments based on "good buy" current values.
  2. Protect your total investment against bankruptcy and default risks by emphasizing investments in diversified mutual funds rather than individual securities.
  3. Use noncommissioned securities, such as no-load mutual funds, wherever possible, to avoid charging transaction fees and commissions.
  4. Integrate tax planning with your investment planning. We discourage investments simply for tax purpose, a situation where tax code changes may seriously impact your holdings.
  5. Base our compensation on the value of your account, thus merging Integral Financial Management`s objective with your own, i.e., to increase the value of your account.

Getting Started - The Most Important Step
  If our principles and approaches are consistent with your own financial views, you may have accomplished the first financial planning hurdle-finding a financial advisor with a compatible investment philosophy. The second hurdle is actually taking the timely positive action that starts you on the road to financial success. The sooner you start, the more time your money has to grow.

Sometimes, all it takes is just to get started. Start creating your tomorrow today by calling for an appointment. We look forward to helping you develop and implement your own financial plan and investment portfolio. At Integral Financial Management we concentrate on the things you need to turn your vision into reality.