Tax Services

  Your biggest single lifetime expense is income taxes. One third to one half of all the wealth you accumulate in your lifetime is dependent on your tax reduction plan and not your income, investments, or retirement plan. Your tax strategy should overlay your entire financial strategy. At INTEGRAL Financial Management we are tax planners. Tax strategies are positive, legal uses of tax laws to reduce your income taxes. Almost every financial transaction you make has tax implications. Rearranging your financial affairs to create deductions, credits, or tax deferrals where you had none before is the secret to paying less taxes. Paying less taxes is just like making money.

We offer a “second opinion”, no up-front fee tax review and recovery service that either recovers the money that individuals and small businesses may have overpaid the IRS, or gives them the peace of mind that their tax situation is correct and complies with applicable IRS rules and regulation.

Recently purchased a home?
Your escrow-settlement statement details many significant costs paid at close of escrow. Some of these charges are deductible, while others are not. We help you determine all of your allowable deductions.

Recently sold your personal residence?
Recent changes in the tax code have drastically changed the way you're now taxed. We help you determine when you qualify for the full capital gains exclusion, or even if the partial capital gains exclusion is appropriate.

  Other forms & computations:
  • Deducting your allowable moving expenses
  • Diabolic D (Schedule D-Long Term Capital Gains)
  • Using part of your home as an office
  • Educational changes that include the Lifetime Learning Credit, Hope Scholarship, and the Educational IRA

e-File it!

We 100% endorse all returns being
electronically filed.