Our Services

Financial Planning
  The first module, financial planning, is an impartial analysis and prioritization of your financial objectives. The end result of the analysis is the design and implementation of an individual financial plan, which serves as a road map to reaching your objectives over time. Information assessed in this phase focuses on determining the reality of your financial situation; it includes:
  • Personal and Family Information
  • Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth
  • Cash Inflows and Outflows
  • Financial Needs, Objectives and Priorities
  • Identifying Problems in Current Situation
  • Attitude Towards Risk
Financial Counseling
  The second module, financial counseling, focuses on how our financial products and services bridge and connect your plan to the reality of achieving your objectives. This module is driven by your specific needs. Your plan may be one in which we show you how to self-direct your assets or one in which you elect to have us manage your assets for you. It may address a single need, issue, or represent a comprehensive plan addressing a full range of integrated financial needs and diversified strategies, including:
  • Tax Strategies
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Risk Management/Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement
  • Business Planning
By matching your available resources, investment objectives, and tolerance for risk we can structure a personalized financial and investment strategy that works for you. As your personal situation changes, or as economic conditions or tax laws change, we can modify your financial strategy as appropriate.